Dizzy - 3d Hair sculpting
Hiyo all, as some of you might know, I'm doing a game character workshop with Jon-Troy 'Hazardous' Nickel.

I've chosen to do some fanart of Dizzy from Guiltygear based on some concept art I found

I've also gotten some PM's about how I like to do hair, though I think you'll find it's super basic haha: i tend to use a lot of dynamesh for hair, as far as brushes, I use a lot of the standard brush to cut in and pull out harsh ridges, i have a set of alphas that act as brush profiles to make the brush sharper or softer. I'll also use the curvetubes brush and snakehook to make tendrily bits. Then I'll use the clay/clay buildup brush to fill in the planes of the hair, and clean it up with polish/flatten and pinch.

I tried to record all of the hair sculpting i did, but unfortunately I didn't see if the last segment exported properly before closing down zbrush so the last section (back of head and ponytails) is lost :(

Hopefully that's helpful, I don't really have any other special techniques I use unfortunately - but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

Music: EcueD's Move On remix:
All artwork Copyright Chris Whitaker unless stated otherwise