Phoenix Wright sculpt timelapse
I'm a pretty big Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fan, so I thought I'd try a 3d sculpt of Wright himself
(to celebrate the recent Dai Gyakuten Saiban info :D)

It's loosely based on the design from Dual Destinies. Hopefully it's a decent interpretation of him!

Animation was done using Zbrush's Timeline animation features. It's pretty neat if you don't have to do super in-depth animation :)

the brush I used for the hair was FB_squaretubes
(I might be missing something, but Zbrush doesn't seem to save the Curve Falloff with the brush. So you'll need to fiddle with the Stroke/Curve Modifiers settings to get what you want)

Music: 'Dual Destinies OST: Objection 2013' and 'Gyakuten Meets Orchestra: Courtroom Suite'
All artwork Copyright Chris Whitaker unless stated otherwise